August Update

I have been doing a lot of research the last couple days, and I was able to chat with my fellow lymie friend Lauren yesterday, who gave me a lot of new info. My next big plan of attack is diet, detox and building up my immune system! I have already been gluten free for quite some time, but I am now also vegetarian, and working myself into being vegan, all organic, and GMO-free. I will tell you what though, this diet is not cheap! It’s so crazy how the natural and unprocessed stuff is more expensive these days. Absolutely ridiculous!

Anyway… In addition to diet, I will be doing heavy detoxing. In the mornings I will drink lemon water in place of my coffee (sigh), and then at night I will take a hot detox bath with Epsom salt, essential oils and apple cider vinegar. ¬†One goal with these baths is to raise my body temperature high enough so I can kill the bacteria. These nasty little guys can’t survive in this setting, so bring on the heat!

In the future I will be purchasing a misacting juicer, a Rife machine and an infrared sauna. Those are all large purchases, so I’m focusing on one thing at a time. ūüôā

My main goal right now is to stay positive, keep my head up, and be selfish. If I don’t accept this and let go of any resentment, then I will never completely heal. This journey is not only physical but extremely emotional. I have learned so many things about myself and other people around me that I never would have noticed if I wasn’t put in this position. All I know is that I am one strong ass chick and I need to act like it!



Hoping for the good days while dealing with the bad…

Today has been a tough day for me. ¬†Really the last few days have been… well if I’m being completely honest this whole year has been tough. ¬†My Lyme symptoms are slowly getting worse. I can’t afford all of my supplements if I still want to pay all my bills. ¬†My stress levels are growing. ¬†The infamous rock and a hard place, and I’m right in the middle of them. ¬†After my week long trip out to Reno, I am extremely hopeful that I can get the treatment I need at Sierra Integrative.


However the large hurdle I have to overcome is the money. ¬†My frustration towards the CDC and government is growing and growing. ¬†I honestly believe Lyme Disease is an epidemic and there are hundreds of thousands of people out there with this awful disease. Most people don’t even know they have it. I guess I am lucky in that aspect. I could feel this bad and not know what was wrong with me, like a lot of people out there.


I finally uploaded some pictures that I took while in Reno. I never adjusted to the time difference, so I was able to enjoy the sunrise each morning. I never thought I would say this, but I highly enjoyed that.


My view from the hotel was beautiful.


I even met these little guys one morning.

Later in the week, my treatments ended earlier in the day so I took a little scenic drive. IMG_8672






Introducing “The Lethal Lymie”!

While at my first week of treatment at Sierra Integrative this month, I was able to meet two of my lymie friends in person. ¬†I originally came across Lauren, the Lyme Pixie’s InstaGram account back in March of this year, and soon after I met Kim the Lyme Lady online, who is currently going through treatment. ¬†They gave me some more in depth information about the clinic, and were a great support system for me before and during my trip out to Reno.

On Thursday of that week, Lauren made the trip over to meet Kim and I in person. ¬†It was such an inspiring and hopeful feeling having her there because she is now Lyme FREE! ¬†Lauren was telling us that while going through treatment, she created this super hero persona – “The Lyme Pixie”. This helped her get through each day and stay strong. The past two and half years have been a huge battle for me, physically and emotionally, and I struggle each day to find the strength to continue fighting. For this reason, I decided to create my own super hero – “The Lethal Lymie”! I had already named my journey “Operation Kill Lyme” so I thought “The Lethal Lymie” was very appropriate!!!

So now it’s time to put the weaknesses away, and KILL SOME LYME!!!!!!!!!!!!
photo (9)

Lyme Warriors: Lyme Pixie ~ Lethal Lymie ~ Lyme Lady