Hi! My name is Kristen and I am a Lyme Warrior! I am in my early 30’s and have been struggling to get my life back since 2011. I am happily married to the love of my life and have the most precious fur babies on the planet. I am a huge animal lover and photographer/artist, that loves the outdoors. I have started this blog to raise awareness about Lyme Disease as well as document my journey back to health! I also have a Facebook page and an Instagram account that I have dedicated to my Lyme journey.

“My little family: Sampson, me, Joe & Lambert
(Emily, our princess kitty not shown)”


I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease (LD) after a tick bite May 2011. The testing is not very accurate, but I was “unlucky” enough to get a positive test result the first time around. My primary care physician prescribed two weeks of Doxycycline, which is what the guidelines are for treating and curing LD.  After those two weeks, I continued having daily migraines, joint pain, extreme fatigue, fits of rage, and many, many, more symptoms.  At the time I blamed it on weather, hormones, stress and any other normal health issue, but little did I know that I had these microscopic bacterial spirochetes burrowing their way into my tissue, organs, and nervous system.

Since then, I have completely educated myself about this debilitating, chronic disease. The more I research and learn, the angrier I get!  I decided that I needed to direct this anger and rage somewhere and create something positive out of it.  I have named my journey of healing “Operation Kill Lyme” because this is exactly my goal.  I recently met my lymie friend “Lyme Pixie” who gave me the idea of creating somewhat of a super hero to help me get through this journey – a persona of strength. This is where “The Lethal Lymie” comes in.  At first, I thought “Lyme in the Coconut” was cute, since I already had the nickname “Coconut”… but that didn’t seem hardcore enough for me! It is my goal to continue gaining as much knowledge as possible and share this information with anyone that will listen.  We need to get the truth out about this disease and ultimately find a cure!




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