My last and final week of treatment at Sierra Integrative Medical Center!

Week 4/4 of Treatment!

Monday 5/5: Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  • Detox IV
  • Detox Shot (arm)
  • 1 hour lunch break before Push
  • Glyoxal shot (butt)
  • Push #15 – dosage “.21″. Reaction: Extremem pain, neuro pain, no shakes, fever 102.5, and an emotional wreck. Got a toradol injection for the pain.

Tuesday 5/6

  • Lymphatic drainage session
  • Detox IV
  • Detox Shot (arm)
  • No Push today because my nerves and anxiety wouldn’t let me get in the right frame of mind. Doc said I probably still had some of the Push lingering from Monday night.
  • H2O2 IV treatment (pure Hydrogen Peroxide – not the kind under your bathroom sink)
  • Glyoxal shot (butt)

Wednesday 5/7: Happy Birthday Dad!!! 

  • Fasting blood draw for weekly labs
  • Darkfield blood analysis. NO SPIROCHETES!!! Woohoo!!!! Here is my before and after. The top picture is from 8/5/13. I had thin cell walls, spirochetes swimming all over, cysts everywhere, allergies, yeast. It wasn’t pretty. Then you see the bottom picture from 5/7/14. Thick cell walls (which means spirochetes can’t burrow their way into the cells to reproduce!!), no spirochetes, no cysts, no yeast, and I still have some allergies but that could be from the environment. Overall, a HUGE improvement!!! I couldn’t be happier! I graduated, yay!!!

photo (3)

  • Detox IV
  • Detox Shot (arm)
  • Appointment with Dr Fong. We went over what my home care will be. All my new supplements and of course all the shots that I’m oh so excited about. Can you sense sarcasm? haha
  • Glyoxal shot (butt)
  • Push #16 – dosage “.26″ Went up another .05 today. After about an hour and a half I only had some mild chills and body aches. I was hoping for the shakes because if I do, than the reaction is over must quicker and the pain doesn’t linger into the next day. I decided to go walk, hop, jump, and move around the clinic in hopes of inducing shakes, but nope. My body and immune system wasn’t having it. All I got was pain. And yet again, I was an emotional wreck so about 2 hours in, I got a shot of toradol. As frustrated as I was, this told me that my immune system was stronger! It took that high dose of “Push” and squashed it like a bug! 

Thursday 5/8:

  • Lymphatic drainage session
  • Chiropractic evaluation and adjustment
  • Lactaid Ringer IV (fluids)
  • Vitamin C IV treatment
    photo 1

Friday 5/9: MY LAST DAY!!!

  • Lymphatic drainage session
  • Major Autohemotherapy treatment (IV fluids, blood ozone, H2O2 IV)
    photo 2


And I’m done here!!! Lots of home care to do but I’m super motivated! I can’t wait to get back and be normal again. Plan to purchase a juicer and drastically change my diet. Yay healthy!

xo ~ Kristen


4 thoughts on “My last and final week of treatment at Sierra Integrative Medical Center!

  1. kelsey

    k10, kelso here. that before & after image is just astounding. i am so happy for you I am crying. looks like you are on the road to recovery & i couldn’t be more estatic. i am so happy this trip to reno has been so successful – can’t wait to give you a big ole bear hug when your back home 🙂
    loves u

  2. Kristi Harman

    Hi there! I am considering going to Sierra Integrative and was wondering how you’re doing now and whether you would still recommend people going there. Thanks!


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