Treatment starts in 3 days!!!

Well I made it. I am settled into our furnished apartment here in Reno, NV. I arrived Thursday afternoon and have been doing a lot of sleeping (travel takes a lot out of me), went shopping for all the necessities, and today it is Saturday and I will be picking my mom up from the airport. Luckily she is able to work from here for the whole month and make sure I’m well taken care of, like most moms would do! ❤

Today we are going to Whole Foods and get stocked up on groceries. I haven’t been following any kind of diet the last month or so and I can definitely feel the difference. I am going to be on Gluten-free and sugar-free, and then slowly over time work my way into dairy-free. I can’t give up cheese 100% just yet. :/ The reason us Lymies need to be on a diet like this is because it helps speed up our healing time. Gluten and dairy cause inflammation in the body. When you have chronic inflammation in your body that’s when it becomes bad. Sugar-free diet is very important too. Sugar suppresses your immune system, and feeds bacteria and fungus… which is that last thing we need.

Tomorrow I am going to mentally get ready for what I’m about to put myself through! Here is my schedule that I know of for my first week:

– Fasting Blood Draw @ 8:30am
– IV ingredient check (to make sure I don’t react badly)
– Start treatment protocol from Dr Fong
Phos IV (Liver Detox) – takes 1-2 hours
Liver Detox Shot (in arm)  – get this during the Phos IV
     Oxidation Catalyst Shot (in butt) “butt shot” – imagine a GIANT wasp sting
     Mitochondrial Push Via IV ” shake and bake” – this is the major Lyme Killer! I will most likely stay at the clinic for this one, just in case my reaction is bad. But I think normally right after I get this, I can go back to the apartment and react there. 

The rest of the week I will have…
– Chemical Desensitization (Tuesday)
– Skin Test (Tuesday)
– Check food allergies (Tuesday)
– Treatment protocol from Dr Fong – listed above (daily)
– Darkfield Microscopy (Thursday)
– Appt with Dr Fong (Thursday)

Once I arrive Monday, Ella, the very nice and helpful patient coordinator will give me my schedule. Once I have that, I will post here again with my schedule, more details about each part of my treatment, and updates on how I’m doing. 🙂

I post more regularly on :
Instagram @kris10ann218
Facebook Page “The Lethal Lymie
My hashtags #lymekillintime #operationkilllyme #thelethallymie

I hope everyone out there is having a good, healthy day!






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