August Update

I have been doing a lot of research the last couple days, and I was able to chat with my fellow lymie friend Lauren yesterday, who gave me a lot of new info. My next big plan of attack is diet, detox and building up my immune system! I have already been gluten free for quite some time, but I am now also vegetarian, and working myself into being vegan, all organic, and GMO-free. I will tell you what though, this diet is not cheap! It’s so crazy how the natural and unprocessed stuff is more expensive these days. Absolutely ridiculous!

Anyway… In addition to diet, I will be doing heavy detoxing. In the mornings I will drink lemon water in place of my coffee (sigh), and then at night I will take a hot detox bath with Epsom salt, essential oils and apple cider vinegar.  One goal with these baths is to raise my body temperature high enough so I can kill the bacteria. These nasty little guys can’t survive in this setting, so bring on the heat!

In the future I will be purchasing a misacting juicer, a Rife machine and an infrared sauna. Those are all large purchases, so I’m focusing on one thing at a time. 🙂

My main goal right now is to stay positive, keep my head up, and be selfish. If I don’t accept this and let go of any resentment, then I will never completely heal. This journey is not only physical but extremely emotional. I have learned so many things about myself and other people around me that I never would have noticed if I wasn’t put in this position. All I know is that I am one strong ass chick and I need to act like it!



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